Body Weight Scale

Being engaged in the production and supplying of different ranges of weighing scales. In this category named Personal Scales we are offering varieties of mechanical, digital scales, which are used by the individuals to take the note of their body weights. These body weighing devices are seen to be used in homes, gyms, hospitals, clinics, fitness centers and many of such similar places. Offered well-made and easy to use Personal Scales are designed in compliance with international standards. These kinds of electronic devices help in keeping a check on the weight of the individuals in order to be fit.
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Personal weighing machine

Price: 1800 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 150kg Accuracy : 100gm Features : 8mm Lithium cell

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Personal Bathroom Scale

Price: 800 INR/Piece

STEP-ON TECHNOLOGY: Mind-boggling simplicity. Just step up and the large display shows your weight LARGE DISPLAY: 3 backlight, easy-to-read digital display. Your feet will feel the bamboo difference EASY TO USE: Just pop in the batteries and your real bamboo wood digital scale is ready DURABLE: Durable bamboo platform and high precision tension sensors that just works out of the box with Max weight Capacity :180 kg Accuracy : 100gm

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Digital Bathroom Scale

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

Automatic Switch off, Auto power off Low Power over-load Indication Metal glass Platform Division: 100g Over load indication

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Personal weighing scale

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

Capacity-Max Capacity- 180kg Min Capacity- 100g

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Electronic Body Weighing Scale

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

Capacity-Max Capacity- 180kg Min Capacity- 100g Other Features-Accuracy =100g

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Personal Weighing Scales

Price: 320 INR/Piece

1. Tempered Glass Platform. 2. Capacity :180Kg. 3.Gradution : 100g. 4.Large LCD Dispaly Size : 40 X 21mm 5. Low Battery Indication.

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Electronic Personal Scale

Price: 450 INR/Piece

SMART LOOK: Jet black glass platform with ideal Std. Height & Weight; Ultra slim 6 mm fortified glass for thermal resistance and durability ACCURATE & HIGH-PRECISION: 4 high precision strain guage sensors with sense on technology for instant and accurate readings;Weight range between 7 to 180 kg with graduation of 100g LARGE LED: Bright Green LED display on hidden background for clear and farsighted reading STEP UP: A streamlined scale designed with no complicated set-up just step on to instantly activate and initialize the scale after insertion of batteries for trustworthy weight monitoring. CARE: Do not weigh on carpet or on any other soft material. Kindly use only hard surface

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Baby & Mother Digital Personal Scale

Price: 2000 INR/Piece

Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensors system Auto Switch Off- Camry Health Monitor Scales automatically get switched off once your activity gets over.It Helps you to save power as well as it is cost efficient for you. LED Size - 46.5x22.5 mm - Easy to read from any angle or distance. Other Features-Graduation d=100g ,Over Load/Low indication

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Heavy Duty Electronic Personal Scale

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

1.Extra big capacity: 200kg 2.Wide platform: 39cm 3.With 8mm tempered glass 4.Auto-on, low-battery/error indicator 5.Power supply: 1 x CR2032 (included) 6.Maximum capacity: 200kg/440lbs 7.Division: 100g/0.2lbs 8.Dimensions of scale: 40.2 x 30 x 2.7cm 9.Dimensions of color box: 42.2 x 33.5 x 4.5cm

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Body Weighing Scale Plastic Body

Price: 800 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 120kg Accuracy : 1kg Pan Size : 29.2cm x 29.8cm

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Body Weight Scale

Price: 1000 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 136kg Accuracy : 1kg Pan Size : 28.3cm x 29.2cm

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Anti Skid Body Personal Weighing Scale

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Weighing Capacity :- 180kg Accuracy :- 100gm Features :- Fiber Platform(Anti Skid Top) Auto On/Off Control Brand :- Camry

Product Image (ET - PS - 11 AL720)

SS Platform Electronic Personal Scale

Price: 1500 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 180kg Accuracy : 100gm Features : Stainless Steel Platform

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Bathroom Scale

Price: 500 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 130kg Accuracy : 1kg Pan Size : 26cm x 25cm Body Material : Heavy Metal

Product Image (ET - PS - 15 AL920)

Body Weighing Scale

Price: 700 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 120kg Accuracy : 1kg Pan Size : 26.3cm x 25.7cm

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Mechanical Personal Scale

Price: 600 INR/Piece

Weight Capacity : 130kg Accuracy : 1kg Pan Size : 27.6cm x 25.6cm

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Personal Weighing Scale

Price: 400.00 - 800.00 INR/Piece
  • Delivery Time:1-7 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week

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