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Level Switch

Product Image (ET-BLS-9)

Bilge Level Switch

Price: 5636 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Top Mount Usage/Application : Water,Water Oil Switch Type : Magnetically operated Working Pressure : 10 BARG Pole And Throw Specification : DPDT Level Measurement Type : Point Level Switching Voltage : 230 VAC DC High Temperature : 100 DEG C Material/Body : Metal Cable Length : 10 METER Frequency : 50HZ Min Liquid Sp Gr : 0.8 Float Guide Tube : SS 316 switching Mechanism : Glass encapsulated hermetically sealed Reed Switch Max SW Current : 2A Switch Differential : 3~5 mm Ingress Protection : IP-68

Product Image (ET-MLLS-11)

Mini Liquid Level Switch

Price: 789 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Side Mount Media Type : Liquid Level Measurement Type : Point Level Switching Voltage : 24 VDC Switch Type : SPDT Sp Gr : 0.7 Accuracy : +/-2 mm Process Connection : Flanged,Threaded Maximum Pressure And Temp : 10 kg/cm2 and 100 Deg C

Product Image (ET-CLLS-8)

Conductivity Liquid Level Switch

Price: 5201 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Top Mount Media Type : Liquid Range : 0-10000 mm Probe Type : Rigid,Flexible Liquid Conductivity : 25 us Enclosure : Cast Al,Weather-proof to IP65/Ex-proof to Gr. IIA,IIB and Gr. IIC Sensor : SPDT,5A/250VAC Maximum Pressure And Temp : 5 kg/cm2 and 100 Deg C

Product Image (ET-VFLS-6)

Vibrating Fork Level Switch

Price: 7755 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Top Mount Switch Type : SPDT/DPDT Current Rating : 230/110 V AC (+/-15%),50 Hz or 18-55 V DC,65 to 265 V AC (Optional) Measuring Range : 200 mm standard/ Upto3000 mm (as per application) Pole And Throw Specification : SPDT/DPDT Usage/Application : uilding industry materials,cement,sand,lime,etc. Foodstuff industry,milk powder,flour,salt,f Vibrating Fork Level Switch is electronically stimulated fork vibrates at it’s mechanically Resonance frequency of 125 Hz when the fork is free of the service Material. The resonance is caused by the piezoelectric crystals. One of the Piezo crystals produces a small voltage which is transmitted to the Switching amplifier. If the fork is covered by the bulk material, a Damping effect is produced and the piezo crystal does not produce the Voltage and the amplifier will switch and a corresponding signal output is Actuated. The vibration of the fork has self-cleaning properties.

Product Image (ET-RF-5)

RF Level Switch

Price: 5350 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Side Mount Usage/Application : Cement,Powder,Steel,Food,Chemicals,Fertilizer,Sugar,Detergentsetc. Switch Type : RF Media Type : LIQUID, DRY,SOLID Power Voltage : 240/110/24 VAC 50/60Hz & 24 VDC Measuring Range : 0 to 10 mtrs. Pole And Throw Specification : DPDT RF level switches deliver peak performance at low cost. Based onRadio Frequency principle for Solids, Liquids,Slurries.It works on Radio Frequency Principle. Independent but identical low power RF signals equal in frequency, phase, and amplitude and wave shape generated in Electronic Controller are provided to active and shield sections of the Sensing Probe whereas , the reference ground of electronics is connected to the vessel shell

Product Image (ET-SMLS-7)

Side Mounted Level Switch

Price: 3555 INR/Piece
  • Condition:New
  • Processing Type:Customized
  • Function:float operated High Temperature Side Mounted Float Type Level Switch for high temperature applications. This is intended for controlling liquid level at High OR Low OR any point throughout the Tank height using Micro Switches.
  • Application:Designed for single point tank monitoring, side mount level sensors can be mounted from inside the tank and outside the tank using a compression grommet or tapped hole. This design accommodates large or small tanks and vessels, allowing use in a broad range of level measurement applications.
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (ET-CLST-3)

Capacitance Level Switch and Transmitter

Price: 7353 INR/Piece

Mounting Options : Top Mount Type : flexible cable/solid rod Material : Stainless Steel Current Rating : 24V DC Working Pressure : Upto10bar Ambient Temperature : Up to 300C Measuring Range : cable-10 meters/rod-2 meters Pole And Throw Specification : DPDT Meter Technology : Differential Output Signal : 4 to 20mA (2wire) Probe material : standard steel Enclosure : Aluminum Capacitance Level Switch and Transmitter is a versatile & economical mode of measuring continuous liquid Level inside a tank or open Pits. With ease of installation & various rod / flexible cable probe Versions, this transmitter is suitable for long operating range. Transmitter is classified into two versions – Sheathed probe version is suitable for conductive liquid and Un-sheathed probe version is Suitable for non-conductive liquids. In both versions probes are Available in solid rod or flexible cable rope construction. The transmitters works on capacitance technology, where tank, liquid & Measuring probe together forms a capacitor. In Conductive liquids the measuring probe is covered with a sheath material forming an Insulator. Features · Long range. · Economical & reliable level measurement. · Flexible & solid probes. · For conductive & non conductive liquids. · Easy to install & operate

Product Image (ET-RPLS-4)

Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Price: 7552 INR/Piece

Mounting Options Top Mount Switch Type SPDT 5A@230VAC Working Pressure Up to 2 Kg/cm2 Measuring Range150mm to 3000 mm Pole And Throw Specification SPST Usage/Application Plastic molding machine,Sand hopper,Blending devices,Tube conveyor devices,Crusher,Rice cleanin Current Rating230 V AC,/110 V AC Model Name/Number RPLS -100 Paddle switch is designed to detect high or low levels of free-flowing dry Solids, such as powders and granules. It is mounted through the wall of a vessel such that the paddle protrudes inside the vessel. A small electric motor drives the paddle, which rotates freely in the absence of material. Impeded by material the motor will be turned within the housing while loading a spring and triggering two switches. One of them is a dry electric contact for control and alarm functions while the other cuts the power to the motor. When the material level drops, the loaded stretched tension spring returns the motor to its original position and the unit is reactivated.

Product Image (ET-DLLS-2)

Displacer level Switch

Price: 5250/- INR/Piece

Mounting Options:- Top Mount Media Type:- Liquid Pole And Throw Specification:- DPDT Range:- 0- 15 Mtr Maximum Pressure And Temp:- 80 Kg/cm2 and 300 Deg C Enclosure:- Cast Al,Weather-proof to IP65/Ex-proof to Gr. IIA,IIB and Gr. IIC Sensor:- Micro Switch 2 x SPDT,5A/250VAC Wetted Part Material:- SS 304,SS 316,PP Level Switch With an impressive growth record in this highly competitive industry, we are providing a qualitative range of Displacer Liquid Level Switch.

Product Image (ET-MPLS-1)

Multipoint level switch

Price: 4501/- INR/Piece

Switch Configuration:- SPDT Model Number:- MPLS-150 Accuracy:- +/- 2 Process Connection:- Flanged,Threaded Range:- 0-3000 mm Sensor:- Read Switch Sp Grade:- 0.7 Enclosure:- Cast AL,Weather-proof to IP65/Ex-proof to Gr. IIA,IIB and IIC / DIN Polyamide Connector Maximum Pressure And Temp:- Up To 600 class and 150 DegreeC medium temperature No of Float:- Single / Multi (Max 5) Float Material:- SS304,SS316,PP Multi Point Level Switch are suitable for level detection, level switching and one- or multipoint level controlling tasks in normal as well as in hazardous areas. The device consists of a probe tube, a float incorporating a magnet and a housing containing the connection terminals. A maximum of 5 switches can be incorporated in the probe. A sliding sleeve on the top of the probe provides for a simultaneous ±25 mm adjustment possibility of the positioning of the switches. The wetted parts of the level switch are made of stainless steel. The plastic-coated versions are suitable for level detecting of aggressive liquids. Floats and process connections can be selected according to the measured medium and the application.


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